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Flavorless Festival - Chattanooga, TN

Flavorless Fest '18 -

Flavorless has always been about celebrating and highlighting DJs and producers here in the Southern US and the first annual Flavorless Fest is no different.

Over the course of our opening night on Friday and then Saturday during the day and into the late evening you'll see, hear, and dance to a range of artists and DJs. Twenty to be exact.

That's like, what? 10 Flavorlesses for the price of 3?

Boy, do we know how to frame a good deal or what?

Aside: our moms told us they were very proud of our math skills when they read this. The parental approval left us on a real high and really helped us get this out the door. Thanks Moms!

As you can see we are offering a more comprehensive snapshot of dance music culture in the American South than we have been able to offer at our monthly parties.

Some Flavorless alum and some newcomers. Most from this country and one not. Nashville, Knoxville, Atlanta, Copenhagen by way of a small town in Virginia and of course Chattanooga will be represented.

Whoever it is gracing our booth you can be sure they'll be representing the same forward-thinking yet diverse set of sounds you've come to expect from our parties. We couldn’t be more excited to get everyone together and cut a rug.

Can’t wait to see all your pretty faces basked in that golden hour sunlight Friday evening!

P.S. Speaking of “out there”, you’re probably wondering where this thing is going to be held. Those of you that have been to one of our parties have probably walked out into the roofless former warehouse space that has the trees growing up around the edges and in the corners and said to yourself, “damn this would be such a cool place to have a party.”

Well, wait no more. It’s happening and we have some special stuff in store for the space and you!

P.P.S. But party goers cannot be sustained on tunes alone you might say. Well, that's why we're partnering with Mouth Gremlin to offer you, our dear dancers, the sustenance you'll need to keep going into the wee hours of the morning.

Keep an eye out for the soon-to-be-released menus. We aren’t going to service your dancing shoes and neglect your bellies!

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